Main features

Convenient, functional and useful interface.

  • Chip map

    Accurate map of the location of chips on the board.

    Hashboard map repeats the location of the chips on the board, which saves time searching for a chip in each iteration. You only have to find the highlighted chip and start measuring!

    You do not need to remember the location of the chips or refer to the diagram. The map will show you where the chip you need is located!

    If you change 50 chips per day, then this function will save you up to one hour, which means you can repair more boards!

  • Board model autodetection

    Automatic model detection of the board upon connection.

    Checking the integrity of the EEPROM firmware.

    Display of the board parameters written to the EEPROM firmware, with the ability to edit.

  • Testing the RESET line

    Power on the board, press RESET button, the tester will check if the reset signal comes from the first to the last chip and report the result, and you can take measurements on the board and find the faulty chip.

    An active button changes the state of the reset line to a logical one, an inactive button to a logical zero.

  • Chip testing with RESET

    At the beginning of testing, the tester checks the state of the reset line from the first to the last chip and reports the result..

    If you select the test with reset option, the reset will occur before each iteration of the polling of the chips and display the counter of successful and unsuccessful resets in the test log.

  • Log of faulty chips

    The web interface displays the fault history of all chips during one test:

    • Displays information about the connected board;
    • Shows which chip is currently faulty;
    • Shows information about the number of failures in the chip itself;
    • The log stores the entire history of testing operations, including what chips were faulty;
    • At the end of the test, you will receive a summary of the faulty chips;

    This function will not allow you to miss a fault, will do repairs more convenient, clear and reliable.

  • Polling mode for selected chips

    Sometimes an engineer needs to interrogate one or more specific chips to study their responses

    To do this, we created a polling mode for selected chips

    Just click on any chip in the web interface during test and take measurements!

  • Saving EEPROM from the board to a file

    Sometimes you need to save EEPROM to your computer in order to be able to restore it or share it with colleagues, this can be done easily and quickly in the Web interface.

    The saved file will be in the bin format and can be later written to the boards by both the tester and any other programming device.

  • Writing a dump from a file to a board

    You can write the previously saved file to the board from the Web interface.

    The file must be in bin format, it can be read by both the tester and the regular programmer.

  • Reading and writing EEPROM without Web interface.

    You can read EEPROM from the working board and immediately write it to other boards, you only need to connect the tester to board!

  • EEPROM editor

    The tester allows you to change the hashboard parameters.

    You can assign your serial numbers to boards for further accounting.

    All contents of the EEPROM are on the board stickers, the tester makes it possible to restore a damaged EEPROM by entering data from the hashboard stickers.

  • Board testing - unaddressed polling of chips

    Unaddressed - broadcast chip polling, returns only the number of responding chips.

  • Advanced Board Testing - targeted chip polling

    Adressed chip polling, returns the response of each responding chip.

    This mode is completely identical to the standard Whatsminer test.

    Also, only in this mode, the chips report their chip ID..

  • Easy connection

    If the tester is not connected to your network, then when turned on, it will create its own WI-FI network with the name ASIC.WM.TESTER

    Connect to this network, in the Internet browser go to the address

    You will be taken to a page with a list of available networks, select your network, enter your password, click "save & reboot"

    The tester has saved your network data, it will reboot and give you an IP address, go to this address

  • Mobility and freedom

    Asic Repair Center powered by standard USB type-c, this means that you can power it from any adapter, laptop or even power bank! You don't need another power adapter, you need mobility and freedom and we gave it to you!

  • Easy update

    In the web interface, you can see the current firmware version and available updates that are installed with the click of a button.

    You do not need to download anything, you do not need to deal with update technologies, no need to think about how to test just released to the market model, you just need to click the "update" button, the rest will be done by us and Asic Repair Center!

  • How the hashboard is repaired using Asic Repair Center.

For service centers

Benefits for service centers.

  • Models

    Diagnostics and repair WHATSMINER. From the simplest and most common, to the newest in the mining industry, including the latest developments.

  • No heating

    During testing, the board does not go to mining and does not require additional cooling. Board diagnostics are performed on the engineer's desk at no time cost and effort to install and remove the board from the case.

  • Diagnostics

    Asic Repair Center Whatsminer helps to determine which chip is not working on the board and how many chip failures have occurred. This simplifies repairs and reduces repair time by 6 once.

  • EEPROM flashing

    Flashing the EEPROM of any of the supported models takes no more than 30 seconds and performed by one device, without connecting a computer, programmer, power board.

  • Versatility

    Instant switching between models, tester features and intuitive interface, allows you to diagnose a large number of different boards in a short period of time without being distracted from the task.

  • Reliability

    ESD protection allows you to safely connect the board "hot" and do not waste time disconnecting and connecting the power supply of the board and tester.

For data centers

Pros and Benefits for Data Centers.

  • Diagnostics

    The Asic Repair tester allows you to self-diagnose, repair hashboard and flash EEPROM. Does not require special technical skills to use and train specialists.

  • EEPROM flashing

    Flashing the EEPROM of any of the supported models takes no more than 30 seconds and performed by one device, without connecting a computer, programmer, power board.

  • Mobility

    Built-in Wi-Fi module, tester dimensions and operation from powerbank allow you to use it in any conditions of the data center without being tied to power networks and internet.

  • Profit

    You do not have to contact the service center with simple breakdowns of hashboards, wasting time and money on logistics and repairs. Your equipment is not idle, it earns.

Supported models

Currently Asic Repair Whatsminer supports more than 120 ASIC models.

small big
  • Whatsminer M30

  • Whatsminer M30K

  • Whatsminer M30L

  • Whatsminer M30S++

  • Whatsminer M30S+

  • Whatsminer M30S

  • Whatsminer M31

  • Whatsminer M31H

  • Whatsminer M31L

  • Whatsminer M31S+

  • Whatsminer M31S

  • Whatsminer M31SE

  • Whatsminer M32

  • Whatsminer M33

  • Whatsminer M34S+

  • Whatsminer M36S

  • Whatsminer M39

  • Whatsminer M50

  • Whatsminer M11

  • Whatsminer M12

  • Whatsminer M1S

  • Whatsminer M20

  • Whatsminer M20S+

  • Whatsminer M20S

  • Whatsminer M21

  • Whatsminer M21S+

  • Whatsminer M21S

  • Whatsminer M29

Support and perspectives

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New models

We are expanding the list of supported models and brands.

Pricing Asic Repair Center Whatsminer

Pays for itself in less than 20 board repairs!

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